Corruption Threatens Democracy

June 8, 2010

When sworn in as Prime Minister of China in 1998, Zhu Rongji said “Give me 100 coffins 1999 I’ll send for the corrupt, one for myself if I do corruption”

Tersistematis corruption that would destroy the democratic order in a country, because countries that embrace democratic system in general, strongly opposed the presence of corruption. Modern countries embracing democratic system has been ascertained by the net government system of the culture of corruption. Democracy that embraces the values of truth, justice, equality, honesty, freedom of opinion should be positioned as a process or means to prosperity in a fair and equitable.

Ebb and flow of the eradication of corruption in our country is proving to have devastated the existing value system. According to Transparency International released survey results that Indonesia ranks the sixth most corrupt of 158 countries in the world. This proves that the government is still serious in pembarantasan corruption. Government’s commitment in eradicating corruption then just a mere political rhetoric. Combating corruption is not easy, especially with hitangan 100 days the government of SBY-Boediono considering the complexity of the problem of corruption. The existence of corruption in Indonesia is a culture that has long been embedded in Indonesian society even like flowers in the rainy season.

In Presidential Instruction No.. 5 / 2004 the President instructed the Attorney General to conduct accelerated and concrete steps in eradicating corruption that has harmed the state finances. Apparently, within 100 days the government of SBY-Boediono not much to be done in eradicating corruption on all fronts. It is worth the government should take a strategic and systematic step in the eradication of corruption on all fronts.

One of them by consolidating the legal institutions such as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Attorney General, the Police to contribute to the eradication of corruption in Indonesia. Hence, with instructions issued by the President (Presidential Instruction) No. 5 / 2004 of course was not enough as basis for combating corruption without the support and strong commitment by law enforcement officials and leaders who have the vision to create Indonesia from corruption. Teresposnya “palace in prison” Compass (13/01/2010) barren concrete evidence that legal controls mandated by law enforcers, that law enforcement in Indonesia is not a priority and the main pillars in the agenda of the government of SBY-Boediono.

Democracy as a Tool

Republic with a government system that embraces a democratic system like Indonesia is the ideal form of state by Mochtar Lubis. In a democracy, supreme power in the hands of the people, not rulers, Mochtar Lubis also said: “although a complete democratic institutions is available as DPR, MPR, the press and politics triad adopted, namely the separation between legislative institutions, the judiciary and the government, but more dominant in our political map is the government “.

Mensejahterahkan democracy as a value to people’s lives should be a vehicle evenly in combating mafia corruption, not democracy which legitimized to exploit the interests of certain groups. So then democracy is not only used as an instrument to gain power but how democracy can only minimize the corruption that became a tradition. Democracy should be providing solutions in overcoming the problem of corruption so that awakened civil society civilization. Country’s position in this case the Corruption Eradication Commission, the Attorney General and the Police is very strategically as a tool for combating corruption.

Corruption is a poison of democracy seyogiyanya positioned as a common enemy (Common Enemy) in the performance of government, so the order of the bureaucracy that has been the object of corruption can be run in accordance with the vision and mission of the constitution. Jihad against the corruption that often becomes a vision of government was stuck in the middle road, because democracy is an instrument in the process of political dynamics of not putting people’s position as a political subject but rather focuses on the interests of certain groups. Democracy should give hope to the people who framed the government in a country that guarantees the rights of its citizens in the process of democratization. This is a tough challenge for the government and the nation in combating corruption that has become a tradition?

In a country that adopts the democratic society that is transparent right to obtain relevant information about the organization of state and government bureaucracy then required to provide information which correlates about common interests, forming a two-way communication between the government and people. So that a transparent and accountable government will give birth to a clean society that formed the belief (trust) the public to the government.

Law Enforcement

Weak oversight of law enforcement we become one of the basic outbreak of corruption in this country, even spreading to public institutions such as parliament, judiciary, the Police. One of the establishment of the KPK is the demoralization of law enforcement agencies. Rationalization of the existence of the KPK because none of the legal institutions involved cases of corruption such as the Police, Justice, Parliament, and the Attorney General. KPK not actually need to be formed if only the legal institutions had been able to fulfill their functions and roles and have credibility in combating corruption cases. Inevitably there must be strong commitment from government and law enforcement agencies in combating corruption cases that later became the deterrent effects (shock therapy) for those who do corruption. It’s time this country is free from corrupt practices is needed legal institutions that have a strong commitment and responsibility in terms of eradication of corruption. Only with a transparent and accountable bureaucracy in the institutions of law and corruption cases can be anticipated, so the formation of a clean government. So, let us together resolve corruption cases because the future of the state and nation will be threatened if the existence of corruption is still a tradition.

The writer is a functionary Central Board Muslim Students Association (PB HMI) Period 2008-2010 and the Jakarta State University Graduate Student


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